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Share Data to

Combat Homelessness 

Metro Connect helps City and Non-Profit staff share information in the field
to get our citizens housed.
Empower your Staff to get People off the Street

Make sure your team has the information they need to get people to the services they require. 

Enhance Collaboration Between Outreach and First Responders

Enable your staff to work with officers and fire fighters in the field to find and support their clients when they need help.

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Limit Access to Sensitive Data by Role

Share sensitive data from human services and first responder records management systems in a secure and compliant manner with only the people permitted to see it.


How it Works

Get Critical First Responder info to your Outreach Staff in Real-Time

Look up client activity with human services, police, and fire departments. Any new activity triggers alerts in real-time -- meaning you can go meet your client at the ED after EMS picks them up.

Connect limits data access based on your organization's specific data governance polices and concerns.

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No Double Entry Required -- All Your Workflows Remain the Same

Connect integrates directly with public safety and human services records management systems (e.g. CAD RMS, ePCR, HMIS, etc), so there is no need for anyone to change how they manage records for their department.

Case Conference in the field with compliant messaging 

Connect provides teams with a secure and compliant platform to coordinate care, ask questions, and organize communication around clients. 

For instance, first responders can ask about a client's expected behaviors, and case managers can let first responders know they're looking for their client.

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Security, Compliance, and Data Governance Controls

Connect ensures that sensitive data is only accessible to users that your organization permits via fine-grained access controls that are fully customizable for every implementation. 

All data is managed securely and in compliance with HIPAA.

How it works
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